Case studies

Automatic doors in perfection: GEZE building technology in the Jansen Campus

The Jansen Campus marks a further expansion of Jansen AG’s headquarters in Oberriet in the Swiss canton of St Gallen, with a major focus on design features. Tailor-made automatic doors and innovative safety technology by GEZE fit perfectly into the campus’ contemporary lines.

Automatic doors fit perfectly with the look of the Jansen Campus

The new building, designed by Davide Macullo Architects and built at a cost of 14 million Swiss Francs, consists of four triangular inter-connecting structures, each storeys high. GEZE has implemented state-of-the-art automatic doors both in the entrance to the campus and in the indoor area and stairwells, which fulfil the building's high demands in terms of safety, barrier-free ease of access and design.

Functionality and security, thanks to the GEZE Slimdrive drive

Linear sliding door systems with the sleek, just 7 cm high GEZE Slimdrive drive systems, are the stars of the automatic door world. The Slimdrive SL-FR RC2 version combines architectural door perfection with maximum functionality:

  • powerful and extremely quiet door drive
  • tested break-in security in accordance with Resistance Class 2
  • increased security in escape and rescue route - safe opening even in the event of a fire

Automatic doors - accessibility for any door size

Glazed fire protection doors in the stairwell.

In the event of danger, the fire protection doors to the stairwell close securely and automatically.

Spacious linear sliding doors equipped with GEZE Powerdrive drives characterise the entrance area of the new building. The powerful drive systems manage the high weight and large opening widths of the sliding door leaves elegantly and effortlessly - continuous, reliable and secure. Economical and elegant ECdrive drives provide consistently high ease of access for the smaller linear sliding door systems in the building, with leaf weights of up to 120 kg.

Preventive fire protection: multifunctional door systems

As well as linear sliding doors, GEZE also provided various automatic swing door systems for the Jansen Campus. Large swing doors with heavy door leaves and high movement frequency were equipped with powerful TSA 160 NT swing door drives. They open and close the door leaves fully automatically and accessibly - and almost silently too.

GEZE fire protection doors - a secure thing

Inside the Jansen Campus, the manual double-leaf fire protection doors have been equipped with TS 5000 E-ISM door closers with a two-sided variably adjustable hold-open unit in the guide rail. This serves to elegantly combine accessibility and preventive fire protection. In the open position, the door leaves provide barrier-free ease of access. In the event of fire, the integrated smoke switch control unit in the guide rail automatically identifies the smoke, overrides the hold-open function and triggers the door to close automatically. An integrated closing sequence control ensures that the door leaves close completely after each opening, fulfilling the fire protection door function. The consistent rounded design of the GEZE door closers is continued in the door closers of the TS 4000 series which are also used on a number of doors in the campus.

GEZE products in the Jansen Campus

  • Slimdrive SL-FR RC2 drive
  • TSA 160 NT swing door drive
  • GEZE TS 5000 E-ISM door closer
  • GEZE TS 4000