Automatic doors open up routes – including completely new ones!

Custom swing door solutions for your specific needs

Automatic doors such as swing doors provide barrier-free access for everyone, not only in the form of entrance and passage doors in public buildings. Smart and customised automation solutions with our swing door drives offer comfortable and unique highlights, even in private homes.

Wood-burning stove door

Specific stipulation: Automated wood-burning stove door

Not visible integrated swing door drive in the wood-burning stove

Not visible integrated swing door drive in the wood-burning stove © GEZE GmbH

Virtually all of us use them every day: swing doors are an essential part of our lives, as are automatic swing doors. But in your own home? Automatic doors are still unusual there. But our swing door drives are not just for standard applications – they can also be used in more unusual situations. After all, we are all looking for ways to increase comfort and demonstrate our individuality in our own homes as well. What if, for example, the door to your wood-burning stove (already an eye-catching feature of your home) could open and close automatically? We were happy to fulfil just such a request from one of our customers. Our customised solution offers luxury class operating comfort, and is integrated invisibly for a true wow effect.

Overview of our solutions

  • Excellent operating comfort when opening and closing a normally manual wood-burning stove door
  • Automating the wood-burning stove door allows wood to be added in one go – without having to set the wood down or needing an extra hand

Overview of different opening types

  • Invisibly integrated automatic swing door drive in the wood-burning stove door
  • Convenient activation of the wood-burning stove door using a foot switch
  • Customised software development for reliable opening and closing without stirring up air and ashes, adjusted to the defined wood-burning stove door
  • Good operating comfort when adding wood, with no additional steps or aids
  • Different opening types (open doors halfway or completely)
  • Clean solution without stirring up air or ashes
  • Unique show effect for visitors and owners