GEZE is committed to provide integration support measures

Helping socially disadvantaged groups, especially young people, has always been one of GEZE's priorities. It’s why GEZE supports various projects to promote the integration of young refugees in Germany. GEZE provides traineeships and makes donations in order to foster a sense of community and team spirit among young people.

Providing opportunities for young refugees

The young Syrian, Rami Aswad, starts his initial training at GEZE GmbH in Leonberg.

The young Syrian, Rami Aswad, starts his initial training at GEZE.

For GEZE, supporting integration is a key priority: the family business donates practical help to the Verein Seehaus e.V. charity in Leonberg. This organisation aims are to rehabilitate young male offenders into society and socially integrate unaccompanied child refugees. To help foster a sense of community and team spirit among these young people, GEZE donated a football table to the facility.

As well as making donations, GEZE also helps refugees into the employment market. This involves GEZE, as a Leonberg-based company, cooperating with the Hoffnungsträger Stiftung, a charitable foundation which provides accommodation for refugees. Besides offering job application training sessions and work experience in various departments with the aim of providing these (mostly young) people with training or permanent employment, the work also focuses on social integration.

Integration through training

In collaboration with the Stuttgart Chamber of Industry and Commerce, and as part of the project 'Integration through training – Providing opportunities for refugees', motivated refugees get help gaining work experience or formal training. To get them started, they undertake initial training at GEZE. GEZE is therefore not only making a big contribution to the integration of refugees – the project also helps to provide professionally qualified workers for the company. So it's a win-win situation that benefits both sides.

The collaboration between the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the employment agency and GEZE helps the participants to find their feet quickly so they can focus fully on acquiring the necessary skills and on gaining their qualifications. The initiative is supported by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing.

During the skills training phase, the company and the vocational college undertake to provide basic training for a recognised skilled occupation. Of course it's not all just about this initial training: the aim is to provide a seamless transition into a traineeship at GEZE.