Terminal for bi-directional escape routes - T 320 Series

Terminal T 320 AP - EN 13637 * Slave control unit for bidirectional escape routes with a TZ 320 with integrated key switch

TZ AP Kunststoff, grün, EN 13637
  • Flat impact cover enables fast and safe activation of the illuminated emergency push button in panic situations
  • Coloured connectors facilitate electrical connection
  • Integrated key switch enables authorised passing through the emergency exit
  • Illuminated emergency exit sign improves visibility
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Application Areas

  • Terminal functions as additional interface for a TZ 320 to trigger an indirect release of a bi-directional emergency exit
  • Realisation of a bidirectional emergency exit
  • Realisation of an escape balcony

Technical data

Terminal T 320 AP - EN 13637
Width 77 mm
Height 197 mm
Depth 88 mm
Type of installation Surface-mounted
Service temperature -10 - 55 °C
IP rating IP30
Operating voltage 24 V DC
Current consumption 130 mA
Supply voltage 24 V DC
Sabotage contact Yes
Emergency push button Yes
Visual display yes
Volume 75 db
Type of cylinder Euro profile half cylinder
With ribbon cable Yes
Conforms to the EltVTR (guidelines for electronic locking systems) No
Conforms to EN 13637 Yes

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