GEZE reorganises its website for customers and partners

GEZE focuses on maintaining close contact with customers and partners for solution-oriented projects. With a newly developed web presence, the company now aims to make information and services related to door, window and safety technology even easier to access.

Your ticket to GEZE

GEZE opens doors – not just in buildings worldwide, but for customers and partners as well. The relaunch of the company‘s website at focuses on user-centric operation. Potential customers will benefit from specialist technical information, services, and inspiration.

Global developments – especially in digital areas – are continually gaining pace. We also enjoy continuously developing our company and offering our customers even more added value. Close collaboration with our customers helps us with this. We are close to the market and its needs, which enables us to develop customised solutions and services for the long-term.

Andrea Alber, GEZE Managing Director Strategy

Overview of the GEZE world

Welcome to our new website, click through and try our sidebar on the right side.


The new page structures detailed information by product group and solution, including concrete application examples and services. This structure is supported by the design and new forms of technology, ensuring all users can find what they are looking for quickly and without extensive searching. The service bar and product finder are especially useful tools as they provide access to the desired product at any time. Users can also find important direct access points there – for instance to the GEZE portals, the distributor search, or the download area.

Thanks to the easy-to-use navigation concept, the new website takes users quickly and intuitively to the area they are searching for within the building life cycle:

  • Discover
  • Products & solutions
  • Planning
  • Installation
  • Services

Inspiring solutions and expertise from A to Z

The ‘Discover’ area, for instance, invites users to dive into different topics and discover the world of GEZE. They can access additional information from a comprehensive
knowledge base to deepen their understanding, for instance on topics such as ‘green building’”, ‘building renovation’, or ‘window protection’. In addition, numerous international references prove how the intelligent combination of smart technology and experienced coordination of many different product groups can help create buildings worth living in.

Planners, installation engineers or end users who are interested in, for example, a specific door or window technology solution can access custom suggestions in the ’Products & solutions’ area in a flash. Architects and planners will find all the support GEZE has to offer in the ‘Planning’ area – from Building Information Modelling (BIM) and tender texts to specialised planning training materials.

Services to fulfil every need

In addition to seminars specially designed for architects and planners, GEZE offers numerous other training services. Product and installation training courses, for instance,
introduce installation engineersw to the GEZE product landscape. Customised after-sales service packages ensure reliable maintenance or retro-fitting as needed, for example. Customers and potential customers will now be able to access all the services more easily and quickly on the new GEZE website.

GEZE networked – for buildings worth living in

As a specialist in door, window and safety technology, GEZE is also interested in sharing its extensive expert knowledge. GEZE specialists support customers and partners
throughout the entire building life cycle – from planning to construction to after-sales services. This creates smart and networked buildings where everything functions perfectly – not just the combination of automatic door and window systems controlled by a building automation system such as the GEZE Cockpit. Professional collaboration between the experts involved in the project also runs smoothly.