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Focus on megatrends: GEZE in times of digital transformation

Tomislav Jagar is a member of the GEZE management board, where he is responsible for the area of sales. In this interview, he reveals how GEZE is facing the challenges of the digital age as a traditional company.

Visitors at the BAU trade fair could see and feel a change in the company’s public image. In concrete terms, how would you define the reorientation of the GEZE brand, Mr Jagar?

Yes, that’s right. You can clearly see the change at the leading architecture trade fair BAU in Munich. We present ourselves as bright, modern and open – fully in line with our value proposition: we are committed to enabling liveable buildings. We’re also a brand you can touch, and the trade fair is, literally, a touchpoint for everyone. For us, that also means partnership. Privately or professionally, we interact with all visitors on equal terms, whether they are customers, partners or prospects. Everyone can touch our products, experience the quality – and of course ask questions.

So this means that, for GEZE, the products take centre stage?

Certainly, yes. We’re a company with strong roots in craftsmanship and quality. But in the meantime, we’ve become an international company operating in complex and dynamic environments. And we’ve repeatedly proven our capacity to change and keep up with the times during our 150-year history. We’re able to respond flexibly to the very different needs and wants of our customers and partners. This begins with listening and understanding. As well as individual products, we also provide tailored packages and customised solutions.

Over the course of our over 150-year history, we’ve repeatedly proven our capacity to change and to respond flexibly to the very different needs of our customers.

Tomislav Jagar, Managing Director Sales at GEZE

GEZE Managing Director Tomislav Jagar © Katrin Fiedler / GEZE GmbH

What does this mean for your sales strategy?

Our mission is to provide support for buildings throughout their entire life cycle. This means not only supplying customers with products, but also providing them with advice and support. We are committed to offering flexible and reliable services at all times. We think of ourselves as a comprehensive and integrated solution provider that truly understands the value of networking for the specific project.

Speaking of networking – what is the importance of digitalisation for your sector?

For us, digitalisation is an attitude. It’s not just about technology and tools. Most of all, it involves communication and digital forms of cooperation. Technology follows emerging needs – not the other way around. At the same time, we’re monitoring the digital world very closely. We’re considering what role our products might play and developing exciting ideas for the future. But we don’t see digitalisation as an end in itself: it has to benefit of our customers and users. And neither can we neglect the sensitive aspects of digitalisation such as data security and data protection.

Digitalisation starts with thinking. It’s not just about technology and tools. Most of all, it involves communication and new forms of cooperation.

Tomislav Jagar, Managing Director Sales at GEZE

So you have a very holistic approach to construction and buildings?

Yes, because we’re all over the world. And we approach the world with open eyes. Based on our many years of expertise, we aim to respond to megatrends in the interest of our customers. Sustainability, urbanisation, smart buildings – these are not just empty phrases for us. With our solutions, we aim to provide concrete answers to these challenges. After all, our ultimate goal is to make responsible and liveable construction possible.