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South Seas behind glass: Revolving doors lead into the Badeparadies Schwarzwald

33 degree warm water, palm trees and a lagoon pool which seamlessly merges with the outdoor pool: the Badeparadies Schwarzwald in Titisee-Neustadt gives a real South Seas feeling. GEZE once again proved its technical know-how when developing innovative revolving doors for the Badeparadies.

State-of-the-art glass aesthetic with a Caribbean feeling

South Seas flair in the High Black Forest? Here is where it really is; in the oasis of the newly opened 'Badeparadies Schwarzwald' in Titisee-Neustadt. The 'Blue Lagoon', surrounded by palm trees, with pools seamlessly merging into the outdoor pool, invites visitors to swim and relax. A lightly glazed construction with a 2500 m² glass dome 18 m high spans the oasis as an architectural masterpiece. On warm days, the panoramic roof opens automatically, and delights guests with a holiday atmosphere bathed in light.

GEZE is part of the state-of-the-art event thermal bath

The Badeparadies Schwarzwald was planned and implemented by Josef Wund in collaboration with 10 High Black Forest communities. Wund was able to draw on his experience with event thermal baths in Erding and Bad Wörishofen when designing the Badeparadies. A total of €30 million was invested to implement swimming fun, convenience and building security, as well as design at the highest level. GEZE also contributed to fulfilling these high demands - including revolving doors in the entrance area, and an aesthetically pleasing manual revolving door in the water which connects the indoor and outdoor pools.

Innovative aesthetics: Water revolving door to the outdoor pool

Manual GEZE revolving door in the Badeparadies Schwarzwald.

From a single source: drum walls, door leaves and roof of the water revolving door are made completely of glass. Photo: Oliver Look for GEZE GmbH © Oliver Look / GEZE GmbH

Certainly a highlight with regards to appearance and function is the fully glazed manual water revolving door which GEZE brought to life in the passage from the indoor pool to the outdoor pool. In accordance with the high aesthetic demand, drum walls, door leaves and the roof of the revolving door were completely made out of glass with fine frames, so that swimmers would also be guided along the way outside with a 'panoramic feeling'. A specially developed construction bypasses water resistance, meaning that the door leaves open with just a light touch. The combination of innovative technology and aesthetic design shows why GEZE has been listed as a world market leader for door technology in the 'Lexikon der deutschen Weltmarktführer' (Encyclopaedia of German World Market Leaders).

Revolving doors contribute to sustainability concept

Glazed GEZE revolving doors in the entrance to the water park.

Fine-frame façade revolving doors by GEZE manage the high public traffic in the entrance area. Photo: Oliver Look for GEZE GmbH

Sustainability and energy efficiency play a key role in the planning of the water park. It was also for this reason that builders opted to integrate a total of five spacious revolving door systems by GEZE in the glass dome of the bath and the façade at the main entrance. The revolving doors manage high visitor numbers in a 'flowing' manner and are open and closed at the same time. This enables them to separate the indoor and outdoor climates, keep the draught, noise and dirty out, and optimise the indoor climate.

Continuous glass façade with high security demand

GEZE revolving door in water, entrance to the outdoor pools.

Swimmers effortlessly go out through the manual revolving door. Photo: Oliver Look for GEZE GmbH

Revolving doors are not only an ideal solution when it comes to air conditioning - their sleek contemporary design also maintains the consistency of the glass façade in the entrance area. The automatic positioning device sets the revolving doors back into the exit position after each movement in order to admit the next guest - thereby ensuring high convenience even with heavy visitor traffic. The safety concept of the building was also taken into consideration when implementing the door systems. Contact with the closing edges triggers an emergency brake and prevents hands or objects getting trapped between drum walls and side-hung leaves. The automatic limiting of the swing speed of the leaves guarantees safety when entering, and protects playing children, for example.

Revolving doors in escape and rescue routes

Badeparadies Schwarzwald glass façade exterior view

The revolving doors and central double-action door fit discreetly into the glass façade. Photo: Oliver Look for GEZE GmbH

The revolving doors in the glass dome are part of the escape and rescue route, and therefore of major significance in a water park where up to 2200 visitors may be at any time. The safety technology by GEZE enables escaping people to leave the Badeparadies and escape into the open quickly and intuitively in the event of danger. The revolving doors in the glass dome were given 'breakout' leaves for this reason. These can be broken manually, and clear the escape and rescue routes.

GEZE Boxer door closer - climate-friendly and safe

An all-glass double-action door with GEZE Boxer door closer also leads to the outdoor facilities, between the revolving doors in the water and 'on land'. The integrated door closer is extremely elegantly 'hidden' in the clamping rail of the glass door, allowing for a consistent door design in the glass façade. This also ensures that the glass door always stays close and heat loss is avoided. The special glass solution with integrated door closer is also just right with regards to the security concept of the building; injury hazard and misuse are avoided while the lower glass edges protect the door from damage.

GEZE products in the Badeparadies Schwarzwald

  • Manual water revolving door
  • Revolving door systems
  • Revolving doors with 'breakout' leaves
  • All-glass double-action door with GEZE Boxer door closer